Wool skirts for winter and autumn : create warm, elegant, yet casual looks

Are you still looking for elegant, but casual skirts for autumn and winter? We’ve got you covered:


We’ve got you covered: from long boiled wool skirts in pure new wool to midi skirts. Find essentials for looks that are urban and timeless, sustainable and relaxed.

Discover slow fashion that entices. Experience warm skirts for cold days and stylish favourites for outfits that are simply different. At OSKA, we design more sustainable skirts that last for many seasons. Because we create timeless designs that will still be beautiful for years to come. And we create winter skirts made of the finest materials, like merino wool. At OSKA, only the best wool is good enough for our autumn/winter collection. We design fashion for women who are looking for something special.

Enjoy autumn and winter in sustainable, long wool skirts by OSKA

Wool is one of the most important components of our autumn/winter collections. That's why this year, once again, the finest wool is the material basis for our skirts. Whether you choose to wear them as long-lasting basic pieces or for sophisticated outfits, with our boiled wool and knitted skirts made of the purest wool, you can set accents, pull together outfits and combine feminine casualness and elegance for every occasion.

We use only the highest quality materials such as the finest merino wool for our autumn and winter skirts. Boiled wool and knits made from it are the centrepieces of our collections. We also like to combine this fine elegance with viscose, cotton or linen - for new surfaces and textures, to create that unmistakable OSKA look.

OSKA stands for slow fashion. And we believe you can experience this philosophy in reality - in every winter or autumn skirt we make. We rely on high-quality, durable materials and on designs that don’t lose their radiance, however many years have passed. We care for sustainability, which is why we ensure our products and materials travel short distances and are made with impeccable craftsmanship. Our extra-fine merino yarn, for example, is spun in Austria and knitted and milled in Italy. The result: wool skirts that are made to last. That are more sustainable and special.

Long and midi skirts for autumn/winter looks that are simply different

Autumn and winter don't have to mean the end of feminine silhouettes and fashion-forward outfits. With OSKA you can play with your look in any season. You'll find winter skirts that create warm, yet elegant ensembles, even in sub-zero temperatures. What about combining a wool midi skirt with a beautiful knitted jumper by OSKA? And then finish with one of our outdoor jackets for cold-weather style, perfected.

Rather stay indoors? Simply combine our pure merino wool skirts and knitted skirts with lightweight OSKA cotton jackets, fine cotton blouses or cotton stretch shirts. For casual, relaxed and confident looks. Plus: the combination of a slightly oversized skirt made of the finest virgin wool and a denim jacket is always a good choice. That’s how you create urban, casual yet elegant looks that always fit. Also, have a look at our beautiful autumn and winter accessories to complete the perfect OSKA style.

Discover our skirts for your winter and autumn. And enjoy looks that always surprise.